Series 1, Part 6 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Thursday 26 November 1981

Marion is interrogated for hours by the Kempei Tei. Judith is still very ill with malaria. Eventually, a shaken Marion is released and she reveals that the Allies have retreated as far as India. While finishing off the new sick bay, Beatrice quizzes Yamauchi about medicinal supplies but he is not forthcoming. To Marion’s horror, she assumes a car returning to the compound is the Kempei Tei, but the car is for Yamauchi who is driven away. Beatrice questions how she can go on and learns that Sister Ulrica is also much less sure of herself than she appears. Blanche confides in Debbie that she had a child once. Sylvia suspects Blanche of fraternising with the enemy, an activity which Blanche witnesses Dorothy engaged in. Beatrice asks Blanche if she can source any quinine and she in turn asks Dorothy, but she refuses to help. The sick bay is completed and the women celebrate. Judith’s condition is worsening. Rose and Blanche learn from Shinya that the Red Cross parcels have arrived and along with Dorothy  they elect to go and count them. However, they are discovered by Shigawo and two other guards who attempt to rape them. Rose screams out for help and the rest of the camp is alerted including Sato who interrupts the situation. In the tenko line, Blanche passes on the quinine she managed to secure, before she, Rose and Dorothy are interrogated. Dorothy refuses to say that it was attempted rape and she is freed while Rose and Blanche, who are considered to be lying, are staked out in the sun. Sylvia overhears Dorothy tell one of the guards that she lied for him and Marion informs Yamauchi. Rose and Blanche are released. Blanche attacks Dorothy for lying, but Marion, like Yamauchi, insists that there must be no reprisals. A recovering Judith thanks Blanche. Blanche threatens Dorothy in private. The Red Cross parcels are distributed as the shamed guards are marched away from the camp.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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