Tenko Reunion @ the NEC, Birmingham

Dorothy in Series 2

On Sunday 25th November there was another rare opportunity to meet the stars of Tenko at the NEC Birmingham as part of Memorabilia. The event was co-organised by Fantom Films and Classic TV Press and saw 6 members of the cast in attendance. As well as the cast signing and posing for photos, Classic TV Press were in attendance selling copies of Remembering Tenko and two new original Tenko prints by titles designer Ray Ogden.

Guest list: Ann Bell (Marion Jefferson), Veronica Roberts (Dorothy Bennett), Claire Oberman (Kate Norris), Josephine Welcome (Miss Hasan), Philippa Urquhart (Lillian Cartland), Anna Lindup (Daisy Robertson).

Signed photographs of all of the above will shortly be available from this site.

About Andy Priestner

Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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2 Responses to Tenko Reunion @ the NEC, Birmingham

  1. Peter C. says:

    Are the signed photos available yet? Cheers.

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