Tenko script editor’s first novel

evgenyEvgeny Gridneff, the man who script edited Tenko’s first two wonderful series has written his first novel. A Stink in the Tale is purportedly ‘a rip-roaring comedy-thriller replete with intrigue, adventure and unexpected twists and turns’. I’m definitely bagging myself a copy.

Released on the 15th October, you should buy it direct from the publisher – Telos  as then Evgeny and Telos get more of the profit than if you were to buy it from Amazon. If you didn’t know, Amazon have this nasty habit of screwing over small press publishers for such incredible discounts that they can barely operate (just sayin’!). Which is why you should also buy Remembering Tenko direct from Classic TV Press.


The cover reminds me of a Tom Sharpe book which is fitting given that Evgeny produced the memorable TV adaptation of Sharpe’s Blott on the Landscape back in the day.


Apart from being a master of story, narrative and structure, Evgeny is a thoroughly nice man who helped me enormously when I was writing the Remembering Tenko book by offering me a treasure trove of memories and photos, so do go buy it…



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