Remembering Tenko book

A definitive book detailing the creation and making of Tenko, lavishly illustrated with colour and b&w photos, was published by Classic TV Press in October 2012.

The book includes extensive contributions from the series cast and crew including creator Lavinia Warner, writers Jill Hyem and Anne Valery, Ann Bell (Marion), Stephanie Beacham (Rose), Louise Jameson (Blanche), Stephanie Cole (Beatrice), Veronica Roberts (Dorothy), Claire Oberman (Kate), Elizabeth Chambers (Mrs Van Meyer), Joanna Hole (Sally), Jeananne Crowley (Nellie) and many more. The book’s cover and internal illustrations are provided by original titles designer Ray Ogden who has also produced some exclusive prints that are available for sale.

A free extract from Chapter 10 of the book is available here and extracts from the book’s episode reviews from the Episodes pages, courtesy of Classic TV Press.

For more details visit the Classic TV Press website or purchase directly from Amazon where the book has many 5 star reviews.

8 Responses to Remembering Tenko book

  1. George Vagabon says:

    Well remembered from someone who spent many happy hours in the company of those talented ladies, from the Acton Hilton to the Devon quarry site. They too will now also be remembered.

  2. Grant Ciccone says:

    A much loved series. I am now living in Singapore and have visited many of the real places associated with the programme.

  3. dale says:

    i love the show

  4. Craig Platt says:

    I bought the complete series box set many years ago and watch the entire run once a year for some reason to coincide with the Wimbledon fortnight! It takes a bit longer to get through the 31 episodes. I don’t dislike tennis at all by the way.
    Have always loved the show from being 11 when it started. Amazing history and beautifully acted by an incredible ensemble cast.
    Actually landed in Singapore once, en route to Australia – and was just as excited for being there. Shame it was nothing like series 3 episode 2! I could feel the pull of Raffles hotel and the Gin Sling.
    My interest in the show has also led me to read Victoria Glendinning’s fabulous autobiography on the Sir Stamford Raffles: ‘Raffles and the Golden Opportunist’. Another incredible adventure.
    And just by chance I saw a link to the Tenko Tv website AND guess what: within a few nanoseconds had bought the ‘Remembering Tenko’ tome. Wow! 700 pages to devour over an Easter vacation. Hurry up postie and deliver my reward.

  5. lisa says:

    do u know where I can buy this book from please

  6. Taryn Mason says:

    I am 17 years old and I have watched the whole box set and the reunion at least 10 times. My favourite TV series. I wish there was a Tenko Reunion next year for all lovers of Tenko to go to. I’d love to meet Ann Bell, Stephanie Beacham, Stephanie Cole, and all of them!!! Will definetly be getting the book!

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