Series 1, Part 2 by Paul Wheeler

First broadcast: Thursday 29 October 1981

10 December 1941. Clifford and Marion offer their services to Dr Mason at the hospital. Clifford learns that several key British vessels, the Repulse and the Prince of Wales, have been sunk by the Japanese. Sister Ulrica returns to the abbey and Father Lim hands over the money she has been seeking. Bernard and Rose confront Clifford and Jack at Raffles about the lack of information on the invasion. Marion holds a meeting of army wives in order to set up relief centres and recruit volunteers to take in refugees. Simon meets Christina again and learns that her mother is ill. During Christmas celebrations at the Jeffersons, the news breaks that Hong Kong has fallen. Despite the doom and gloom, New Year’s Eve is celebrated in style. Clifford tells Marion she must leave on a ship bound for Australia and Dr Mason tells her nurses that they must do the same. Simon brings Christina to the shipping offices and pulla a gun on a clerk when she is refused a ticket. Marion and Clifford share a tearful farewell. Rose and Bernard also make the sailing. The ship is packed full of passengers and many have to sleep in the corridors. The following night the Japanese torpedo the ship. The terrified passengers abandon ship. Marion makes it to a lifeboat but Vicky struggles in the water and drowns. The next morning the survivors of the shipwreck wake on an island beach. Marion unsuccessfully tries to find Vicky. Kate, Tom and Nellie are reunited, as are Rose and Bernard. The survivors take shelter from the sun at a hut in the jungle. A truck carrying Japanese soldiers pulls up. Several male survivors run away and are shot. The women are forcibly separated from the men and the two groups are marched off in different directions.

About Andy Priestner

Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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