Series 2, Part 10 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Thursday 23 December 1982

3 September 1943. Conditions in the camp have deteriorated and the numbers of sick are increasing all the time. Joss and Blanche reluctantly visit the hospital where Beatrice is now very much in control despite her failing eyesight. An irate Miss Hasan demands that Verna give her the money she owes her. Marion’s diary is taken during a search and destroyed. Marion is so incensed by this that she agrees to help Joss with her latest sabotage scheme. When Yamauchi collapses at Headquarters and is taken away, Christina briefly spies a letter about Red Cross parcels. Marion instructs Christina to try to take a longer look at the letter. Most of the women are overjoyed when they learn from the native resistance that the Allies have landed in New Guinea. Verna has a sale of her goods in order to raise funds to pay Miss Hasan, and Blanche purchases a red dress she has had her eye on. Christina discovers that twelve Red Cross parcels were stamped out to their camp on the 12April. Verna explains to Marion that the parcels were kept back by Miss Hasan and Captain Sato as they did not feel they deserved them due to Rose’s escape and they were sent to a convent instead. Despite her new dress, Blanche is rejected by Kasaki, so she decides to hold a party and exchanges the dress for some sake for her guests. As Shinya is leaving to go to the front, Dorothy forgives him for shooting Rose. He tells her that it is Verna who orders the searches in the camp and Dorothy relays this to the women at Blanche’s party. She and Blanche are keen to exact revenge. Marion, who has figured out that the parcels arrived in camp before Rose escaped, asks that they bring Verna back to their room. Marion confronts Verna about the searches and the missing Red Cross parcels and she is forced to admit her guilt. However she avoids being lynched by explaining that Miss Hasan made her do it and had threatened her with being sent to the punishment camp. Marion instructs Christina to tell Yamauchi and to try to get him to come to the camp to investigate. The next morning the camp is bombed by an Allied plane. Shinya and Miss Hasan are killed outright and the women take the opportunity to liberate the Red Cross parcels from Verna’s storeroom. Yamauchi arrives and is furious at what he sees. He tells them they are defeated women, but Marion defiantly responds that they won’t be for long.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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