Series 2, Part 9 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Thursday 16 December 1982

12 May 1943. Bobby has been ostracised by the other children and Lillian is attacked by Blanche and Dorothy because of her betrayal of Rose. In the hospital, Rose is finding her limited existence unbearable. Blanche tries to make it up to Christina by inviting her to a country dancing event, but she refuses. Lillian’s further mistreatment leads Marion to petition Verna for hers and Bobby’s transfer to another camp, but she has already suggested this to Miss Hasan. Dorothy is sickened when she learns that it was Shinya who shot Rose. Yamauchi informs Marion that Lillian and Bobby will be transferred and that Bernard is dead. When Marion tells Rose, she appears to take the news in her stride, but is in fact heartbroken and that night she asks Beatrice to finish her off. Before morning tenko, Marion is summoned by Bobby to say goodbye to Lillian. Mrs Van Meyer refuses to cut Rose’s hair short. When Blanche, who has been avoiding visiting Rose, overhears this, she decides to go to the hospital to provide this service. After failing to convince Rose of a life they could have together back in England, Blanche cuts her hair. Kate reports that Rose’s urine is infected and discovers that Beatrice has always known that Rose was going to die under these conditions.  Rose is moved back into the side ward and her condition continues to deteriorate. A native makes contact with Joss and Marion, and Kate receives a note from Tom. Blanche petitions Beatrice to put Rose out of her misery. Rose refuses to eat or drink, but when Miss Hasan hears of this from Verna, Sato stands over her threatening that no-one else will eat until she does, so she complies. Blanche once again asks Beatrice to put an end to Rose’s life. Joss learns from Christina that her friend Monica is dead. After Rose tells Beatrice that the next day is her thirtieth birthday and that she hopes it will never come, the doctor smothers her. The next morning Beatrice tells the others that Rose died peacefully in her sleep.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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