Series 2, Part 2 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Thursday 28 October 1982

1 January 1943. The women enter their new camp and are surprised when they are not welcomed by its existing residents. Marion is criticised by Mrs Van Meyer and Rose for failing to insist that Nellie, Sylvia and Blanche should stay with them. A French doctor named Natalie Trier introduces herself and examines the new arrivals. A meal is delivered by a nervous girl called Daisy, from whom Joss fails to find out much about the new camp. Beatrice and Mrs Van Meyer are transferred to the camp hospital which is a vast improvement on the facilities in their last camp. The women receive new clothes and Dorothy picks out a garment for Ulrica to use as a habit. At their first tenko in their new surroundings the women are amazed to discover that a woman, Miss Hasan, plays a key role in its administration. They are just as bewildered when they meet an equally well coiffured lady called Verna Johnson who serves them coffee and alcohol. Marion has a joyful reunion with an old schoolfriend, Lillian Cartland, who is there with her son Bobby, and who takes the women on a tour of the camp. Beatrice grows increasingly frustrated while waiting for Dr Trier to see her. Christina is forcibly separated from the other women without any clue as to why. Beatrice discharges herself and has a run-in with Miss Hasan. The women are unsettled by the news that Christina has been sent to another camp to work as a translator. Verna pays a visit to the new arrivals. She tells them that their clothes have disintegrated and advises them to curb their swearing, before presenting the astonished women with a bill for their earlier meal and new clothes. After she leaves, the women cuss freely. Later that night, Rose apologises to Marion for blaming her for recent events. Marion observes that in this new camp they are all going to have to start again.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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