Series 2, Part 3 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Thursday 5 November 1982

2 January 1943. The women are woken for tenko in their new camp, at which Miss Hasan reminds them of its reputation. Marion challenges Lillian about the swearing fine and the position Verna has carved out for herself. Trier is interested in including Sally as a subject for her research. Kate asks Beatrice not to let Trier know that she is a nurse. Joss is indignant when she learns that Verna and her finance committee use money sent by the Red Cross. An overjoyed Ulrica learns that a priest will visit the camp, but Rose is more interested that he will come from a nearby men’s camp. Sister Ulrica and Marion have an audience with Miss Hasan at which they are told that there is only one leader of the internees here: Verna Johnson. Daisy tells Sally about her background and Sally considers her lucky to have no-one. Verna tells the new arrivals that there is about to be a search and Marion reluctantly hands over her diary to her for safekeeping. Verna returns the diary to Marion, having read it in the interim, and offers her a place on the discipline committee. Daisy invites Sally to a séance led by a Mrs Vance. Shinya refuses payment for the cigarettes he gives to Dorothy so she suggests giving him English lessons instead. At the séance the group believe that Peter is trying to make contact with Sally. Joss intervenes, taking her away. However, the damage is already done as Sally is now certain that Peter is dead. During tenko, Miss Hasan reveals that a General Shimojo will visit the camp the following day and that the women will be required to dress up for a propaganda photograph. Verna provides clothes and make-up for the occasion. During the visit, Sally commits suicide in the washroom. Kate reveals to Trier that she is a nurse in order to help Beatrice prepare Sally’s body. Kate wonders if Sally timed her suicide deliberately to coincide with the General’s visit.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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