Series 2, Part 7 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Thursday 02 December 1982

22 April 1943. Rose receives a note from Bernard via Christina, however she has no message for Kate from Tom. Dr Trier is trying to bring her treatise up to date before she is repatriated and asks Beatrice if she will take a duplicate copy for safekeeping. Joss and Blanche plan several acts of sabotage for the night of the Emperor’s birthday. Bernard wants to meet Rose in the jungle on the same night. Joss encourages Blanche to make it up with Rose. Marion is dismayed when, without consultation, Dominica is chosen to replace an ever more anxious Lillian on the discipline committee. Marion manages to secure agreement that its members will vote on such matters in future. When Rose finds out about the sabotage plans, she tells Blanche about her rendezvous with Bernard. Yamauchi proudly provides the prisoners with meat for their supper on the occasion of the Emperor’s birthday. However, to the women’s disgust, the meat is off. While Rose prepares for her rendezvous, Blanche asks if she would like her to accompany her and she readily agrees. Beatrice is having a crisis of confidence due to Trier’s impending departure. While the guards begin to enjoy the birthday festivities, Rose and Blanche leave the camp. Joss lets slip to Kate about Bernard. Kate fears that Tom may be unwell as he hasn’t replied to her notes. Rose is reunited with Bernard. Trier finds out that her request to have her repatriation cancelled has been denied. She tells Beatrice that her brother is a communist and that she therefore dreads her return to Vichy France. Rose and Bernard share their news. Blanche is helped back into the camp by Marion who guesses her nocturnal activity has to do with Rose. Rose and Bernard finally share their true feelings for each other. The guards are alerted to the fact that Rose has escaped. In the jungle, Shinya finds the terrified Rose and Bernard. Back in the camp, the women are horrified to hear two shots ring out.

About Andy Priestner

Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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