Series 3, Episode 10 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Sunday 16 December 1984

The women are preparing to leave Singapore. Due to a new intake of internees Phyllis insists that Mrs Van Meyer be moved in with Beatrice and co. Kate manages to get her to share a room with Christina instead. Stephen is in a foul mood because he is not allowed to see Joss in hospital due to his cold. He is also suspicious of her request to see Mr Ling. Kate and Ulrica join Beatrice and Christina at the Centre. Mrs Van Meyer takes tea and cake at Marion’s house. Dominica is concerned about Jan’s collaboration, but Marion hits on the idea of saving the name of Van Meyer by using her newspaper article. Back at Raffles, Mrs Van Meyer is furious when she discovers she has been moved to the box room. Maggie tells Christina and Beatrice that she is bound for an unmarried mothers’ home and refuses to contemplate staying with Dorothy as she doesn’t want her baby to remind her of Violet. When Jake sees her and suggests the same, he and Maggie argue. Beatrice visits a typically cantankerous Joss in hospital. Clifford and Marion continue to work out their differences and agree to being more honest with each other. They go to bed together. Afterwards Marion explains how she wants to unpick Ben’s public school image. Suddenly she remembers that she has forgotten about the picnic and gets ready to go out. Before she leaves Clifford tells her that he thinks their marriage will work out. At the beach Kate announces that they should all return to Singapore in five years time for a reunion. Marion finally arrives. Beatrice has gone to the hospital to look in on Joss.  At the picnic Maggie questions why she’s leaving the sun behind for London and Mrs Van Meyer admits that she will miss them all. Beatrice arrives with the news that Joss has died. After consoling a bitter Stephen, Beatrice returns to Raffles to sleep before the funeral the next day. After the funeral the wake is held at Marion and Clifford’s home. Mr Ling reveals himself to be Joss’s solicitor and reads them the gist of the contents of her will. As well as lump sums for most of her friends she also leaves an annual sum for Beatrice and Stephen provided they build and run a new centre called the Monica Radcliffe Foundation. The pair begin arguing about it almost immediately. Sister Ulrica tells Marion and Clifford that she is going to work in a leper colony. Mrs Van Meyer reveals to a disappointed Colonel Jackson that her husband is alive and she must return to him. Beatrice leaves Stephen instructions until her return. Clifford reluctantly says goodbye to Marion Maggie receives a call from Dorothy asking her to move in with her. Jake says goodbye to Maggie, gifting her some Japanese stamps that London dealers will pay the earth for. Marion, Beatrice and Maggie board the SS Ranchi and their friends wave them off.  After the boat pulls away, Marion turns away stating “Well, that’s over.”

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