Series 3, Episode 9 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Sunday 9 December 1984

The women learn that they will be going home soon. Mrs Van Meyer is concerned that she will soon be left on her own as a result. Jake guesses that Maggie is pregnant but she tells him that she doesn’t want ‘fixing up’. Mrs Van Meyer complains to Phyllis over the lack of information about her husband. Sister Ulrica joins Joss and Beatrice at the Centre where Stephen, who has a cold, is sent to bed. Clifford confides in Phyllis about his marital troubles. Phyllis learns from Dutch RAPWI that Mr Van Meyer is alive and informs Dominica. Maggie tells Jake about her miscarriage years earlier and that she wants to keep her new baby. He offers to marry her. The women come together to celebrate Mrs Van Meyer’s news. Despite putting on a brave face, she is desperately unhappy and soon retires to the bedroom to cry.  Marion and Clifford continue to discuss their future, with the former believing that starting from scratch is the only way forward. Maggie turns Jake’s offer of marriage down and tells him that she has decided to go back to England. Mrs Van Meyer tries to find Ulrica but she is escorting a child to the leper colony. Beatrice coerces Stephen to take Joss, who now has his cold, to go out for the day while she runs the Centre. Marion and Clifford take a walk together and have an honest conversation about how their marriage could work. While they are out, Joss tells Stephen that she will be coming back to Singapore and that she plans to invest in a new Centre. On the way back from their walk, Marion spots Dominica at a café. Clifford reluctantly agrees to wait while she speaks to her. Dominica tells Marion about her unhappy marriage and how she dreads to go back home. Maggie tells Beatrice she will be getting the same boat back to England and that she has decided to move back into Raffles for the last week in Singapore. She reveals that as a girl she had a ‘kind of marriage’ with her father and that when he was put into prison, she miscarried. Joss is attacked by a thief in the street and falls badly. Marion has decided she will return to the East and give her marriage to Clifford another go. They are interrupted by a phone call from Phyllis for Marion in which she tells her of Joss’s fall and the fact that she is in hospital. Without prompting, Clifford immediately offers to drive Marion over there.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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