Series 2, Part 4 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Thursday 12 November 1982

15 January 1943. Sally is given a Christian burial at which Sister Ulrica presides. Beatrice is angry that the women have tried to convince themselves that Sally took her own life because she had gone mad. At tenko, Miss Hasan berates the women for their complicity in Sally’s suicide and tells them that they will now work in the camp and at the factory. Sister Ulrica is specifically excluded from the punishment, but asks to share in her friends’ suffering. Beatrice confronts Trier about her strict rules on visiting. There is something wrong with Dorothy, but she refuses to talk to the others about it. Marion becomes one of the camp’s schoolmistresses. At the factory, Rose discovers there are male prisoners working nearby. Verna gets to know Mrs Van Meyer better and informs her that Joss is titled. Beatrice experiences her first free time since the Fall of Singapore. The priest arrives to take confession. Sister Ulrica confesses that she presided at Sally’s funeral as her love for her was greater than the horror of the sin she had committed. She is appalled when the priest orders that she reduce her contact with her fellow prisoners and confers a vow of almost absolute silence on her. Through Verna’s intercession, Mrs Van Meyer is appointed as Miss Hasan’s hairdresser. Rose and Joss discuss the possibility that the ‘out-of-sorts’ Dorothy may have caught something off the guards. Beatrice mends an old piano and surprises her friends by playing a popular tune on it. After failing to speak to both Rose and Ulrica, Dorothy is also prevented from approaching Kate while she is on duty. Joss reveals that it is her birthday and Mrs Van Meyer pays for some celebratory biscuits. Dorothy reveals to the group that she is pregnant. Mrs Van Meyer is horrified and harshly rebukes her for her actions. Beatrice and Marion silence her and the latter demands that the news go no further just yet. Ulrica comes across a distraught Dorothy and, when she learns that the girl plans to have an abortion, breaks her vow of silence.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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