Series 2, Part 5 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Thursday 19 November 1982

21 January 1943. Beatrice tells Kate about Dorothy’s pregnancy. Kate is disgusted when Beatrice admits that under proper medical conditions she would help Dorothy to have an abortion. Beatrice works out that Dorothy must be three months pregnant and tells her that Trier will not perform an abortion. As Daisy is down with dysentery, Mrs Van Meyer becomes Verna’s maid. Ulrica pleads with Dorothy not to go ahead with her plans, but she threatens to kill herself if no-one will help her. Trier tells Verna about the strange behaviour of Kate and her friends and that it has something to do with Dorothy. Verna rounds on Mrs Van Meyer, correctly guessing that Dorothy is carrying. Verna tells Dorothy that she knows her secret, before negotiating with a Chinese woman called May to carry out the abortion. Miss Hasan reluctantly provides the money required and it is agreed that the procedure will take place the following day while Lt Nakamura is away. Beatrice and May brief Dorothy. May’s medication begins to take effect just as Miss Hasan learns that the new district commander – who is none other than Yamauchi – is about to arrive. Miss Hasan orders that all of Dorothy’s friends be sent to the factory. Miss Hasan gives Yamauchi a guided tour of the camp and insults his leadership by describing the new intake – from his old camp – as undisciplined. When Yamauchi demands to inspect the storeroom where the abortion is taking place, Miss Hasan has to pretend that she has lost the key. She receives a further dressing down when he discovers that Sally has committed suicide. He tells her that Sato will replace Nakamura. The abortion is only just over when the bell rings for tenko and Dorothy forces herself to attend to prevent Beatrice being punished. She collapses and is taken to the camp hospital. Beatrice is furious when Trier still fails to see what Dorothy has been through. Beatrice learns more about May’s life. Despite appearing to have lost the will to live, Dorothy pulls through. Ulrica makes a second confession to the visiting priest and subsequently leaves the camp for a convent in order to rededicate her faith.

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