Series 3, Part 2 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Sunday 14 October 1984

20 August 1945. Marion prevents Maggie and the others from harming Sato and explains to all the women that they will remain under Japanese protection until the Allies arrive, asking them to exercise restraint in the meantime. Yamauchi allows the women access to the storeroom where there are many supplies which they can use to barter with native traders for food. Kate and Beatrice are horrified to discover medical supplies in there that they have been crying out for. Due to the danger posed by violent natives, Yamauchi temporarily denies requests to visit the nearby men’s camp. However, Maggie persuades Kate that they should go anyway and they commandeer a lorry and head for the men’s camp. En route they meet a male POW who, to Kate’s disgust, Maggie has sex with in the back of the lorry. After he leaves, the pair spot some machete-carrying natives and head back to camp in a hurry. By September all of the women, bar Dorothy, are becoming increasingly impatient for their release. On the 16th, two Allied soldiers finally find the camp – Captain Brooks and Lieutenant Curtis – and take over command from Yamauchi. That evening the women ask them questions about all that has happened in the outside world since they were interned. Alice is upset when she is mistaken for a boy but Maggie and Christina win her round. Kate returns from a depressing visit to the men’s camp where they had to point Tom out to her. Beatrice offers to provide her with a good reference if she decides to continue with her medical training. Captain Brooks receives confirmation that the women will leave the camp for Singapore in the morning and the women have a final night of songs and dancing to mark the occasion. While taking a break from the party, Maggie and Joss witness Sato commit hara-kiri. Before they go to bed Marion leads the women in a prayer. The next morning Edna dies. As the women get on the trucks to leave Marion says goodbye to Yamauchi who tells her he is sorry so many prisoners died. The women leave the camp for Singapore.

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