Series 3, Part 3 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Sunday 21 October 1984

The women are nervous passengers on a plane bound for Singapore. On arrival they are met by Phyllis Bristow of RAPWI, their welfare officer, and are escorted to a welcome reception presided over by a Colonel Jackson. Phyllis tells Alice that her father is alive and arranges for Kate and Mrs Van Meyer to remain with their friends. The women are driven to Raffles where they are to be billeted. After a welcome meal of bangers and mash, Phyllis shows them to the suite of rooms where they will be staying. The women are overwhelmed by the comparative luxury and enjoy baths and their first night in years in real beds. The women have medical examinations and list the possessions they have lost. Beatrice is incensed when she discovers that Kate has passed on their case notes to the doctor who is examining them. Dorothy is finding it particularly difficult to adjust and wants to be left alone. Beatrice, Joss and Kate visit a hospital. Kate is unable to find Tom, while Beatrice does not want to talk about her eye appointment. Mrs Van Meyer is escorted to her bank by Colonel Jackson. The doctor reassures a worried Alice that her periods will return. That evening the women attend a Raffles dinner dance. Finding their host – Colonel Jackson – to be exhausting, Marion and Dorothy take themselves off to another table. Beatrice surprises her friends when she dances rather expertly with Colonel Smithers. On her way up to bed Marion thinks she sees Clifford in the lobby and calls out to him. Marion is distressed  by her mistake and taken upstairs by Dorothy. An immaculately coiffured Mrs Van Meyer arrives at the dance and announces that she has bought presents for all of her friends. Beatrice has a bad turn on the rapidly filling dance floor and is escorted out of the room by a concerned Kate.  Beatrice runs to her bed. On the next bed Marion is sat clutching her bag while intoning Clifford’s name.

About Andy Priestner

Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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