Series 3, Part 4 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Sunday 28 October 1984

The women are preparing to go to a thanksgiving service. Marion returns to the hotel and asks Smithers if there is any news of Clifford, but he just wants to question her about Yamauchi. After the service Mrs Van Meyer and Maggie have a spat in the market. An elderly man arrives at Raffles looking for Joss’s late friend Monica Radcliffe. Joss gives him the bad news, before they head off to Stephen’s digs in the Chinese Quarter to say farewell to Monica over a bottle of brandy. Kate’s Tom has TB and she is distressed that he shows no interest in their future together. Christina reveals to Beatrice that she is being discriminated against because of the colour of her skin. Phyllis succeeds in diverting Alice from spending time with Maggie. That evening Stephen returns a very drunken Joss to Raffles. Dorothy is rattled when she witnesses a procession of ‘Jap whores’ under armed guard and later elects to see if her bungalow is still there and habitable. The suave Jake Haulter who helped Joss and Stephen back to Raffles is introduced to Dorothy and Maggie. He offers to give them a lift to the bungalow and also picks up Marion who also wants to visit her old house to see if the servants might know anything about Clifford’s whereabouts. While Marion meets Dolah again, Dorothy and Maggie discover that the bungalow has been wrecked. Jake returns and suggests they just sign for the items they need to furnish it. Joss turns down Stephen’s invitation to help him in his work with the poor. While out with Jake looking for furniture, Maggie and Dorothy are horrified to see Japanese soldiers drive past who have been recruited by the enemy. However, their spirits are raised when Maggie is gifted a dress and Dorothy locates a set of Hepplewhite chairs. They invite the other women out for drinks to celebrate their move to the bungalow. At the bar they visit the pair receive a further reminder of their collaboration in the camps. Mrs Van Meyer arrives in a state with a message for Marion who is wanted urgently back at Raffles.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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