Series 3, Part 5 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Sunday 04 November 1984

Marion returns to Raffles and is reunited with Clifford who, to her surprise, has spent the war in England. He, Ben and her mother are all well. Phyllis has arranged for them to have a private room at Raffles for the night. Mrs Van Meyer gossips about Dorothy and Maggie’s relations with the guards. Beatrice says a tearful goodbye to Marion. Christina is dismayed when she learns from Clifford that Simon Treves married a nurse. While Jake gives Dorothy and Maggie a lift to the bungalow, Marion and Clifford return to their pre-war home together. En route he tells a concerned Marion that his new role will be to co-ordinate the bringing to justice of war criminals such as Yamauchi. They discover that their old maid May has been keeping the house in order. Marion wants to do some of the household chores herself but Clifford will hear none of it. Another new group of internees arrives including Madge Pritchard from the first camp, who asks after Dorothy. Dorothy and Maggie discuss staying in Singapore and possible jobs they could take before Jake arrives with a pair of bicycles for them. While Cherry gossips to Alice, Beatrice tells Joss that she has learnt that Nellie died a few months ago. Clifford quizzes Marion about collaboration in the camps. At Raffles, a newly arrived internee spits in Dorothy’s face. Beatrice enquires about getting her old job back at the hospital but is shocked to learn from an administrator that this could only be for a very short period as she is going blind. Marion struggles to rest and do nothing at home and is thrilled when Jake visits and offers her a lift back to Raffles. Marion consoles Christina about Treves. Clifford comes across Beatrice in the city streets and asks her about Yamauchi. After passionately filling him in, he asks her if she will witness against him.  Back at Raffles Beatrice argues with Christina over Yamauchi and tells her that she hopes her evidence helps to hang him. Marion and Clifford argue over Jake and the possibility of an early passage home which she refuses to take. Dorothy and Maggie are attacked by a group of internees. Dorothy flees from Raffles and runs straight into Sister Ulrica.

About Andy Priestner

Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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