Series 3, Part 6 by Anne Valery

First broadcast: Sunday 11 November 1984

The women are overjoyed to be reunited with Sister Ulrica, however, she is distressed to hear of the deaths of so many of their friends. Smithers complains to Phyllis about the women’s reluctance to give evidence and Clifford’s desperation to see Yamauchi brought to justice. Ulrica meets with her Reverend Mother to request time to minister to Dorothy. This is granted but the Reverend Mother is concerned that this is not all that troubles her. Marion’s home life with Clifford continues to be a trial. Joss persuades Beatrice to come with her to the Centre where Stephen has received news about Christina’s uncle. Beatrice is left to reluctantly hold the fort and tidies it up. Joss gives Christina the news. On Joss and Stephen’s return they wreck Bea’s hard work and, in some distress, she announces she is going blind before running off. Dorothy is thrilled to be with Ulrica again but dismayed to hear that she cannot stay long. Beatrice lashes out at Kate at the hospital. Clifford finds and reads Marion’s diary. Phyllis tells Dorothy that an internee called Agnes has lodged a complaint about her and suggests that she returns home to England. Dorothy refuses. The women receive letters from home and Dorothy learns that her mother is dead but is unmoved. Clifford tells a distraught Marion that he intends to use her diary as evidence against Yamauchi. Marion visits Raffles and learns about Ulrica’s return. At the bungalow Dorothy remembers her mother and finally sheds some tears over her. Joss tells Stephen she has obtained the medicines they need for the Centre. Marion visits Ulrica and then Beatrice who still refuses to share her news. On returning home she and Clifford have words about the diary. The next morning Marion tells Dorothy about Clifford’s intention to use the diary, just before Jake arrives to tell her that the lorry has come for her prized Regency chairs. Dorothy visits Ulrica and explains that she has decided to return to England. The bungalow has been refurbished and is the venue for Dorothy’s goodbye party. Jake offers Maggie his spare room and she gladly accepts. Beatrice tells Marion the news about her eyesight, while Joss advises Clifford that he should be proud of his wife given what she did in the camps. With Dorothy’s imminent departure, Kate is concerned that their group is breaking up.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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