Series 3, Episode 8 by Jill Hyem

First broadcast: Sunday 2 December 1984

Beatrice turns down Joss’s request that she returns to the Centre and Alice’s plea for tango lessons. Kate goes to visit Tom and learns from another patient called Jim that Tom passed away in the night. RAPWI arrange for the funeral to take place that afternoon. Jim tells Kate how back in the camp Tom used to talk about her constantly. Jake gives Marion a lift to Changi so that she can visit Yamauchi. As she is unable to find Marion, Kate seeks out Ulrica at the convent. Marion sees Yamauchi and they discuss whether his relatives are alive and her second diary that will be used in evidence against him. Phyllis tells Beatrice and Mrs Van Meyer about Tom. Kate confesses to Ulrica that she felt some relief when she heard that Tom was dead, partly because she could never have given up medicine. Stephen and Joss discuss how they need Beatrice’s medical know-how at the Centre. Marion comforts Kate and they get ready for the funeral. Beatrice volunteers to attend and is hurt when she is turned down. Mrs Van Meyer does not go as she is chaperoning Alice at a Raffles tea dance. Ulrica turns up at Tom’s funeral despite the fact that she is Roman Catholic rather than Protestant. Alice and Harry give Van Meyer leave the tea dance to go outside. Maggie lets slip to Clifford that Marion went to Changi, before asking Beatrice for her professional advice. They are interrupted by Alice who has been attacked by Harry and fears she may become pregnant as a result. After hearing that he only touched her stomach, Beatrice allays her fears. After Tom’s burial the women go back to Marion’s house for tea. Maggie criticises Van Meyer’s chaperoning of Alice. Beatrice reveals to Alice that something similar happened to her when she was a girl. At the wake Kate tells Joss her plans, Ulrica complains about her duties at the convent and Christina connects with May. Beatrice catches up with Maggie but this time they are interrupted by Stephen who has come to ask Beatrice to apologise and ask her to help at the Centre. Maggie tells Beatrice that she thinks she is pregnant and at Jake’s flat this is confirmed. Maggie reveals she has been pregnant before. The doctor confirms this. Clifford returns home and argues with Marion about her visit to Yamauchi. Marion tells Clifford that she doesn’t think that they have a future together.

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Consultant and trainer on user experience (UX) research and design, failure, leadership and LEGO Serious Play
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